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    ????????????????????? model
    X/Z Axis Travel(mm) 650*260
    Swing Over Bed (mm) Φ400
    Swing Over Size (mm) Φ120
    Max Machining Diameter(axis) (mm) Φ35
    Max Maching Length? (mm) 180
    Rapid Traverse (X/Z Axis) (m/min) 24/24
    Axis Servo motor X/Z Axis (kw) 1.5/1.5
    Boring Tool Size (mm) Φ20(knife towerΦ25)

    1.Takam Machines Quality tests include:

    - Half complete 3-axis accuracy check

    - Half complete 48 hours test run

    - Complete 3-axis accuracy check

    - Complete 48 hours test run

    - 100% complete check

    2.The Takam TL-Series CNC Lathe is standard with one-piece casting angling at 45° machine body to ensure the durability and performance of the machine.

    3.The Takam TL-Series CNC Lathe standard with Collet.

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