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    On Wednesday, after careful preparation and clever packaging, our MONE 800X is ready to go to Pakistan. Last month, our customers visited the company and inspected the MONE 800X with Siemens 840D. After a week of testing, check the MONE 800X was successfully completed. Thanks to our engineering team and beloved customers for your support and trust.
    Now the countdown to the holiday has entered.?Before the holidays, Takam Machinery would like to inform all of our customers to pay attention to the inspection and placement of machine shutdown. When the machine is stopped for a long time, we should pay attention to some?details, so we have a smooth start after we return from the holidays.
    The Takam teams carry such big happiness to congratulate our customer Machine Technology Team for its 3rd anniversary of establishment and open house party, we know you guys have been working hard, we are lucky to have your team as one of our product users of TE-855 CNC Vertical Machine, in the end, Takam teams wish you good luck and a prosperous future! We strive for the continuous and great cooperation.
    TAKAM as a leading manufacturer in the production of CNC machining centers in China, we’re always focusing on improving quality and efficiency. Last week, XIAMEN?TAKAM?Machinery Co., Ltd. participated?in?Asia's largest international machine tool, metalworking, and allied industries exhibition--2019 Machine Tool Indonesia.?We display the TE855 with a Siemens controller in the exhibition.?Only three days three machines sold.
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