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    ??As a responsible business in the industry, Xiamen Takam Machinery Co., Ltd. Strictly follows the ISO standard on every single

    machine that is built in our facilities. Our staff is regularly trained on following the ISO procedure both in production and in the office.

    Casting Processing Area


    We are one of the rare manufacturers that does everything in the house. From machining our own casting to designing our own casing.

    We do everything in-house to ensure the quality and delivery for our customers.

    Casing Manufacturing Processing Area


    TAKAM manufactures casing by themseves, which can better provide customized design for customers, The material and thickness of

    the casing will be produced according? to our own or customer's quality requirements.

    Vertical Machine Center Production Line


    After the machine has passed the first stage of quality control check, The machine will then undergo a 48 hours test run to

    make sure the machine does not undergo any accuracy changes.

    Double Column Production Line


    Machine features may not be the same for each machine. Each machine can be customized to every customer's individual needs.

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