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    MBM-500 MBM-630
    X/Y/Z-axis Travel (mm) 700*700*700 800*800*800
    Pallet Size (mm) 500*500 630*630
    Spindle Speed (rpm) 14,000 14,000
    Rapid Feedrate(X/Y/Z) (m) 60/60/60 60/60/60
    Cutting Feedrate(X/Y/Z) (m) 3/3/3 3/3/3
    Spindle Motor (kw) 22/25 22/25
    Three Axis Motor(X/Y/Z) (kw) 5.5/14/9 5.5/14/9

    This horizontal machine center is the perfect tool for precise, high speed, high production parts.

    The machine was designed with one thing in mind and that is high precision production. Equipped with 200+ N.m.

    high-speed spindle and high-speed rotary table changer at 8 sec per change. This machine outperforms machines within its class.

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